What I Keep In My Beach Bag

Girls love chocolate...

Hello everyone! I know I said I wouldn’t post again for a while but I’m totally not doing homework and I don’t want to even think about finals so I’m posting instead.

After being throughly inspired by my pre-summer playlist, I have decided to let you all know what I’m keeping in my beach bag. I find that the beach bag is a great way to accessorize for the pool and the best place to keep all your stuff! Hope you all enjoy :)

1.Beach Towel

I love Victoria Secret’s new beach towel! I am going shopping this weekend and picking this beach towel up! Unfortunately, you have to buy a lot to get one but I still want to try to get it.

2. Sunglasses

I LOVE sunglasses. They are absolutely amazing! Plus, you can find so many different styles and colors it will be really hard to find someone with your same pair! I love the style posted above the most but aviators are awesome too! These are a must for me in my beach bag.

3. Sunscreen

I have very sensitive skin and I burn really easily so sunscreen is a must for me! I don’t like the smell of it much but I need to protect my skin. I always pick waterproof sunscreen because I love going into the pool. Tanning gets boring after a while for me.

4. iPod

I always listen to music when I tan. It keeps me calm and blocks out the world. My iPod is always full of my fave songs so I can rock out wherever I go!

5. Water Bottle

When I go to the pool, I need to stay hydrated. I always have a full water bottle in my bag so I can stay hydrated!

6. Book

Sometimes, I get tired of music so I like to have a book to pull out when I relax poolside. Plus, reading is sexy ;)

7. Sharpie Marker

Okay, so I know this is a little strange but I’ve always wanted a tan tattoo so I’m starting to carry a Sharpie around with me so I can make sure that wherever I put my tattoo I can make sure it’s still there!

Hope you all enjoyed a look into my beach bag! Stay strong and I love you all!

Lots of love,

Jennifer <3



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