Summer Party Fashion


With summer just around the corner for me, parties are starting to happen, dates being scheduled, vacations starting up, I thought a post on summer part fashion would be appropriate.

Outfit 1: Pool Party

I love going to the pool! I would love this outfit for a pool party. It’s simple and cute. You can wear any swimsuit you have but I love bright tops with a solid color bottom like I did here. Add a floppy hat and sunglasses for a fun look. Your cover-up can be whatever you like and flip-flops are a must for a pool party. This look allows you to get in the pool and hang out poolside.

Outfit 2: Deck Party

When your party is an outdoor deck party or a bonfire, you have to look cool. I love these neon shorts! I have this exact pair and they are perfect for deck parties! I chose a simple tank top so the outfit won’t be too busy with the shorts. I went with simple sandals and a medallion necklace to finish up the look.

Outfit 3: Fancy Party

Recently, I went to my friends quincinera and you had to wear a dress to it. My friends have talked about throwing fancy parties this summer so this is something i would wear. I chose a pretty blue dress that’s very simple. It has lace to add a little extra to it. The sandals are the stand out piece in this outfit. I love them and I wanted them to stand out. Simple hoop earrings are all the jewelry you need and the hot pink satchel is perfect for your phone and lip gloss.

Outfit 4: Casual Party

A last-minute, let’s all hang out together with 30 of our closet friends in my basement party comes around, this is the kind of outfit I would pick. A fun tank top and white shorts are very summery. Pink Toms to finish up the look are perfect for this kind of party.

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know so I can keep making this posts better and better!

Lots of Love,




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