Update: Why I haven’t been blogging.

Hey Girls!

So I want to start off my apologizing for not posting in so long. You have no idea how much I have thought about it. I have missed it so much because I love doing it.

 I guess I should tell you why I haven’t posted. So  the last time I posted I said that our house was on the market. Well  I would say 3 days later we got an offer and our house ended up selling. We literally have to pack up our house in less than a month because we close on the 29th of June (20 days left in the only home i’ve ever known my whole life). So I have been busy going through all the stuff deciding what to keep and what to donate. Its very stressful and time consuming. So thats that and once all of this Jazz is completed I’ll be able to tend to the blog.

Second thing is that I graduated from 8th Grade!! I also wasn’t posting because family was in and I was really busy getting ready for the craziness.

Third thing. I don’t think I mentioned this in my last update but I have to take summer school in order to be in geometry next year. Its 3 weeks and from 8 am-12:45 pm. Monday -friday. Its not terrible but I thought I would just tell you that as well because I really like updating you on my everyday life.


If you have any questions:

Comment or email me at 14foreverbeautiful@gmail.com

If your bored:

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Questions of the day (I’m going to try to add this section everytime.. Let me know if you like it!):

What is the most exciting thing your doing this summer?

Are you traveling to any other states/countries/continents?

What’s your Most exciting summer clothing purchase?


Upcoming posts:
-All time favorite hair products

– Bath and Body works favorites

– best and worst: Mascara’s


As always if you have any ideas for posts you would like to see or have anything you would like me to improve on Please let me know!

-Dont be afraid to comment I love to hear from everyone and enjoy replying back to everything.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed!

xoxox Ashley



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2 responses to “Update: Why I haven’t been blogging.

  1. Take your time! and congrats on graduating:):)

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