Can’t Figure Out How To Get That Perfect Manicure?

Your solution is here! It may look a little intimidating. But it is so simple, even a blonde like me can figure this out! :)

What will you need?


Thats it! A flesh colored nail polish, White nail polish and tape!

Step one: Image

Paint all your nails with a flesh colored nail polish. I use Petal Pusher by Sally Hanson. Let this completly dry. If you dont it will smudge. Allow about an hour for drying I use the Insta- Dry.

Step two: Image

Next take a small peice of tape (I use thin tape i find it works better) and put it on your nail leaving the tip of your nail showing. You can go one by one nail. But I put the tape on all of the nails.

Step three: Image

Next all you do is take a white nail polish and paint over the tip of the nail. If you get it on the tape its ok because you can then just peal it off. This is a Claires nail polish but im going to invest in a better one. THis one isnt very good.

Step four: Let the white paint completly dry. You can repeat the white coat if you feel you need it. Once it is completly dry peal the tape off. Coat all the nails with a clear coat and VWALA!! you have the perfect manicure. If it doesnt turn out perfect the first time dont be discouraged. The first time i did mine it loked terrible. But the second tiime was way better! Good Luck! Happy Designing:)

XOXOXO Kirsten<3


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One response to “Can’t Figure Out How To Get That Perfect Manicure?

  1. Gosh, I can never get a decent manicure this is awesome. I will definitely try it.
    Me ;)

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