What’s in My Beach Bag!!

With Summer officially only FIVE days away, I thought it would be fun to do a post on what I keep in my beach bag! So without further explaining of this self explainatory post I will get to it!!:)

1.) Towel:)

* Wouldn’t it be fun to tie dye your own beach towel!!!!*


2.) SUNSCREEN!!!! I like the spray on kind! It makes putting on sunscreen sooo easy!

3.) Phone:)

4.) Ipod:)

5.) Body Mist!

6.) Evian Spray

7.) Water!

8.) Comb!

9.) Ponytails/ headbands/bobbypins

10.)Snacks lol:)

11.) Book/Magazine!

12.) Beach Ball! deflated of course haha!

13.) Sunglasses! Your eyeballs need protection too!!

14.) Bandaids and Neosporin! Because you never know when your going to get injured! Be prepared for everything!

Alright so that is everything that is currently in my beach bag!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and are safe!!!!!:)





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6 responses to “What’s in My Beach Bag!!

  1. foreverveautifulashley

    What does the evian spray do?

  2. foreverbeautifulashley

    The comment about the evian spray was me. WordPress was being wierd. But yeah what Does the evian spray do?

  3. Nice post! I have been adding more and more to my beach bag but I never thought of a beach ball!
    My blog is fairly new, will you check it out? Thank you!
    Me ;)

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