How to get Eleanor Calder’s Style

Eleanor is one of my favorite fashion icons. She is a model and is dating One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. I like her for her fashion, not her boyfriend. Promise. So I wanted to show you how to get her style.

Eleanor has casual style that is still sophisticated. She wears a lot of skinny jeans and white blouses. Below are inspiration pictures and outfits.

For my first look, I went with a classic white sleeveless blouse and skinny jeans. If you can only have two clothing items that are like Eleanor’s style, I would recommend these. They are some of her main go-to pieces. She also carries around a large purse that I adore and her signature aviator sunglasses. I added the light blue shoe for a pop of color. She doesn’t wear a lot of color but when she does, it’s usually pastel.


I went with a colorful blouse for this outfit instead of a plain white. I think it’s a pretty vibrant color that’s perfect for summer. You can use white too if you would prefer that. The jean shorts are high-waisted like Eleanor is wearing here and fun sandals and an over-the-shoulder bag complete the look. The feather necklace adds nice visual interest to a simple outfit.


I loved the simplicity of this look. The long black sweater and indigo skinny jeans are adorable together. I usually shy away from black and blue but the shade of blue is perfect for this look. The blue flats are a great pop of color and such a pretty color with this look.


For this look, Eleanor paired these adorable pale green skinny pants with a simple white tee. Pairing it with a black blazer and black accessories finishes the look for a true ‘Eleanor’ style.

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know what you think and what you want to see! Hope you all learned a bit about Eleanor’s style too!

Lots of love,




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14 responses to “How to get Eleanor Calder’s Style

  1. Great post and tips, Jennifer!
    I actually did this same thing in my post a week ago!
    Eleanor has really gotten popular.
    Lovely Polyvore sets!


    • livelaughfashion

      Thanks Lauren! I’m glad you liked it!
      After I saw your comment, I went right over to your page.
      You had a great post too!
      You’re right, Eleanor is getting popular, I’m glad that people are stopping the hate towards her and Danielle.
      Lots of Love,

      • I agree! Hate is ridiculous.
        Oh darn, I forgot that I was going to say that she’s not a model, she’s a “floor model” for Hollister (which is what they call their employees, apparently). Louis explained that in an interview. I’ll comment the link if I can find it! :)


      • livelaughfashion

        Oh okay! I didn’t realize that, thanks for letting me know!

  2. Hey Jennifer!
    I loved your post! Eleanor Calder has amazing style but I never know where to start to get her style. This really helps!
    Me ;)

  3. Great post! Thanks for the tips Jenn! <3

  4. foreverbeautifulashley

    I loved the post Jennifer!! (:

  5. Natalie

    Hey Jennifer,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Totally heart her style, it is very similar to mine. She opts for such staple pieces in classic colours.
    Love You,
    Natalie x :)

  6. I love her style she is my fashion icon, I really loved this post and will have to get the outfits from the polyvores you made :).
    Thankies, J’adore-Fashion

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