4th of July Outfits(:

Hey girls!

With Tomorrow being July 4th, I thought I would post some outfits that I came up with(: I hope you enjoy!

Outfit #1

Untitled #1
In this outfit I thought pairing a blue tank top with white shorts was a nice combination along with adding the american flag scarf to make it more patriotic and tie the red in. For shoes I decided to go with a silver sandal with some silver jewels to still give the outfit the patriotic feel but to tone it down a little too!
Outfit # 2
Untitled #2
For this outfit I chose a white tank and american flag shorts. I thought the shorts would be a good way to incorporate trends, look cute, and be patriotic all at the same time! To finish it off I chose red feather earrings and grey TOMS.
Outfit #3
Untitled #3
For this outfit I decided to pick an outfit for colder weather although it is 100 degrees here (I live in the midwest) Some places might be a little colder. I chose a knit american flag sweater paired with some jean shorts and for shoes some dark gray TOMS!!
Outfit #4
Untitled #4
In this outfit I incorporated the red, white and blue in the shoes. I think they are just adorable. I chose a white tank with plain jean shorts and added a red scarf to tie the whole look together.
Outfit #5
Untitled #5
For this last outfit, one of my best friends and I created this outfit together. We chose a red sriped dress with a jean jacket. For shoes we chose Sam Eldelman sandals that are both on our dream shoes list.
Questions of the post:
– Which Outfit was your favorite?
– Do you like seeing these types of posts?
– What is the number one clothing/accesory item on your wishlist?
– If you celebrate 4th of July, what are your plans?
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Love you girls! Hope you enjoyed!!


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8 responses to “4th of July Outfits(:

  1. I LOVE #4! :) I wish I owned it so bad!

  2. livelaughfashion

    Love these outfits! They are adorable! Number 1 and 3 are my favorites!

  3. Hey Ashley!
    I love number 3!! I wore something similar to that today actually!
    Me ;)

  4. Hey,
    I loved Outfit #5, this post was great I would love to see more of them and my favorite shoes are TOMS so I loved how many of them were like “used” I don’t know if I used that right lol. My plans that I did for the fourth was going up to my cabin it was so calming and great to be there!

    • foreverbeautifulashley

      Hey thanks for commenting! I’m really glad you liked the post and I am going to post more outfit posts soon! It sounds like you had a nice 4th of July! Thanks for reading my posts and commenting <3 It literally makes me soo happy!

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