Interview with CKbeauty19

Hey girls!!

So today I have a post that is a little different than what is usually posted. I got the chance to interview one of the girls I watch on Youtube, Chasey. She makes beauty videos and is just starting out. You need to go check her out because I love this girl!

So Chasey, If  your reading  this  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH<33

Lets get into the interview!!

Question 1: What first interested you in makeup?
Answer: What first interested me in makeup, was watching gurus on youtube and wanting to do what they did.

Question 2: Out of Makeup/Fashion/Hair which is your favorite?
Answer: I would have to choose fashion!

Question 3: If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would you use?
Answer: I would use the Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara!

Question 4:How were you introduced to the makeup world? What interested you?
Answer: The biggest thing that introduced me to makeup was watcing makeup videos on youtube ; what interested me was that it was a way to completely change your look!

Question 5: Did you ever go through an embarrasing makeup phase?
Answer: I did go through an embarrasing makeup phase at the beginning of 7th grade- I would only wear eyeshadow  but it was pink and sparkly…

Question 6: What’s your biggest hair secret?
Answer: I don’t really know if I have one, but I do use coconut oil about twice a week.

Question 7: If you could only shop at one clothing store for the rest of your life, Where would you shop?
Answer : Only one store? Forever 21.. they have like everything!

Question 8: What is your go to fashion piece?
Answer: Jewelry and accesories because they can make an outfit completely different.

Question 9: All time favorite Nail Polish?
Answer: This is hard.. uh probably Revlon’s strawberry Margarita!

Question 10:What is your favorite thing about being a beauty guru?
Answer: To me the best part about being a beauty guru is knowing that you can help people get into fashion and makeup and you can also help them with it and give inspiration.

Question 11:Advice to anyone who wants to start making videos?
Answer:My one piece of adivce for anyone wanting to become a beauty guru is just believe in yourself and don’t give up! Also be sure to upload about 3 times a week and make your videos interesting!

Thanks again Chasey!!


Chasey’s channel: 

Please go check her out!!


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I hope you enjoyed and I will be catching up o n my posts today so be on the lookout for more posts today! A special Thanks to Chasey for letting me interview her!

Love you girls!






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2 responses to “Interview with CKbeauty19

  1. Chasey (:

    Hey girl ! It’s me ! Thanks for posting it , and I loved doing the interview for you (: it was no problem at all !

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