Just blogging…

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t read the post written by Rain’s sister (the post before mine) please go read it, because this post will sort of talk about some of it.

Any whoo..

I have fallen behind on all my planned blogging days because of what happened. I didn’t know if I should keep blogging or not. I didn’t know Rain personally , but because of the blog it really hurt me. Rain was so kind to me showing me how to do everything on the blog. Like I said before I didn’t know if I should keep blogging. After thinking about it for a really long time (It took me hours to fall asleep because I just didn’t know what to do) I realized Rain would want us to keep blogging. This was her dream. I think her dream should be able to live on.

I considered getting my own blog, because I didn’t feel right about writing on a blog that I didn’t create, then I realized all of the love and support is here. We have such great viewers who never have anything bad to say. Even with this terrible terrible event we still have love and support to try to help us feel better about starting to blog regulary again.

      These past few days, I have missed blogging so much. I love it on  here. I spend so much time getting ready for the posts and coming up with ideas, writing the posts, finding pictures, and perfecting them so that you guys can enjoy what you read, because you guys take time out of your day to read out posts, that I just didn’t know what to do with my day.

I have 3 posts that I need to put together and post (2 were supposed to be posted already and one was going to be posted today) I am going to try to get them all up today so that I can catch up to where I wanted to be.

I know this is kind of fast for losing such a wonderful person, but I think its what she would’ve wanted.

Thank you so much for reading

I love you girls so much!





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3 responses to “Just blogging…

  1. livelaughfashion

    Ashley, u put that beautifully. I have been thinking the same thing and i agree with you. Rain wouldnt want us to stop blogging.
    Lots of love,

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