Beauty Fact or Fake

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Hey everyone, today I decided to do a post about beauty myths. Everyone has heard things like foundation giving you wrinkles and certain products causing you to break out so I wanted to get the facts straight once and for all.

1: Toothpaste is a safe way to get rid of pimples.

FAKE: Toothpaste will help in drying out a zit, but it can actually burn your skin. The fluoride in toothpaste causes the burn.

Solution: mixing corn starch and water and dabbing it on overnight ( New York City dermatologist Dr. Francesca J. Fusco)

2: French fries and chocolate make you break out.

FAKE: This would only happen if you smeared the french fries and chocolate all over your face and clog your pores. There is no scientific evidence showing that links chocolate or oily foods to acne issues.

Solution: You blame the food, but really it’s PMS and periods. So, you can eat it all without pimples.

3: 8 hours of sleep can help me lose weight

FACT: We don’t eat while we sleep and without enough sleep we won’t be able to be energized throughout the day

4: Drinking lots of water will help keep your skin healthy

FACT: It will keep you hydrated and healthy!

5: Certain Cleansers can make your pores smaller

FAKE: Pore size is genetic but the products out there will help to minimize them for a time. Then they will go back to normal size.

Solution: There isn’t one, but you can use the products if you want your pores smaller for a time.

6: Cutting your hair will make it grow faster

FAKE: Your hair grows at its own pace and trimming your hair won’t change that.

Solution: Don’t give up those routine haircuts though! They keep your hair healthy and spilt-end free!

7: Beauty products have an expiration date

FACT: Just like food, make-up has an expiration date.

Solution: You will have to buy new but here are some common dates: Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner: 3 months, Liquid Face Make up and Cream Eye Shadow: 6 months, Powder Face Make up, Powder Eye Shadows, Pencil Eyeliners, Lipstick, Lipgloss: 2 years

Comments? Thoughts? I hope you all learned something from this! I know I did!

Lots of love,




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4 responses to “Beauty Fact or Fake

  1. Jennifer,
    Great post!
    I haven’t tried any home remedies for curing acne, but I think I’ll try out Fusco’s just to say I did.
    I think the issue with eating greasy foods and such is that you will inevitably get some grease on your hands and then even scratching an itch on your nose will get grease on it and cause a breakout.
    Haha, I loved the makeup expiration date segment because I’ve been needing to research that. I have so much makeup from the last year that I need to go through because I’m sure some of it is expired. I may start labeling my products with the date I bought them. :D


    • livelaughfashion

      Hey Lauren! Thanks!
      The remedy worked for me
      Yeah, I think your right. It’s impossible to get grease off your hands.
      That’s smart to label your products! I didn’t think of that

  2. foreverbeautifulashley

    This post was soo helpful!! I learned a lot from this post.(: Great Job!

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