How To Get That Perfect Signature Piece

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We all know that person who always wear that gorgeous leather bracelet every day and everyone knows her for it. Or that guy with the best smelling cologne and the entire female population would hurt him if he changed it. We know the people who copy those looks in hopes of being called the person who started that trend. Don’t be that person. I have been trying for years to find that perfect signature piece and I am still on the hunt. It used to be three feathers- red, orange, and blue- but they have fallen out of my hair and fashion. I have devised a plan to find it my next one though and am determined to find it on my next shopping trip.

Step 1: Know you’re stores

Don’t go into stores that you don’t like or don’t want to be seen dead in. For me, I will never go into Aeropostale. No offense if you shop there, but it’s not my fave store. Go into a store that you like. That will help you find the right piece.

Step 2: Have an Idea of what you want

Don’t just show up at the mall expecting your piece to jump out at you. You have to know if it will be jewelry or a clothing item or whatever you choose before you go out and try to find it.

Step 3: Have a Budget

It sucks when you find an awesome shirt but you can’t afford it so you have to put it back. Make sure you know you’re budget and stay away from too high of price tags.

Step 4: Bring an honest friend

Make sure that your friend will tell you if you found the perfect piece or not. Sometimes, my fashion choices are a bit off so my sister will always tell me if I’m completely off-key or not. An honest friend will tell you if the piece is perfect for you!

I hope these ideas will help you in your signature piece search!

I was hoping to make a Q&A post somewhere in the future so if you have any fashion/beauty/hair/etc. questions you want answered, just comment with your question or email me at

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4 responses to “How To Get That Perfect Signature Piece

  1. Hey girlie! Love the tips, I always bring friends that I know won’t lie to me. It’s never helpful to have someone constantly saying something looks cute on you when you know it’s not the most flattering thing you could buy!

  2. This is a cool article! :) Btw, check out my blog and my facebook page My Geeky Style and

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