Sunless Tanning!:)

Hey!! I haven’t done a post in what feels like FOREVER!! So todays post will be on what my favorite sunless tanning products are:)

Tanning is extremely bad for your skin and even though the tan looks pretty while you have it, your actually causing premature wrinkles and you are also at a higher risk for skin cancer:( If you do choose to tan, which everyone does lol, at least use spf 30 but spf 50 is much better:) Tanning beds are a HUGE no-no!!!

So here are two products that I LOVE to use to get a gorgeous, natural looking tan!

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

This is a gradual tanning product. The tan progressively builds as you continue to put this on your skin till you have a very natural looking, healthy glow. You can use this product everyday because it is a lotion. I used up a whole tube of this, and I could clearly tell that my skin did look tanner:) Downfalls to this product: it does smell really wierd, not really overpowering, but like an awkward smell…… lol:)

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

This would definatly be my favorite out of the two, while it is a bit pricey it is SOOO worth it! When you pump this out of the bottle, it foams and looks like a gross brownish green and its kinda really scary. After you put it on and follow the directions and what not, you will get the most gorgeous tan!  Downfalls to this product: none what so ever! I love it!!

***Side note: This is a gradual tanning product as well, but with each use, you get noticably darker where as the jergens it will take a couple uses:)




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2 responses to “Sunless Tanning!:)

  1. Natalie

    Hey PaintGlitter,
    Gorgeousness Post!
    Great recommendations I’ll be sure to check them out!
    By the way, new post, please could you check it out when you get chance?
    Much Appreciated!
    Love You,
    Natalie x :)

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