Long Time No Blog….

Hey Girls!
Long time no talk.. I really wanted to apologize for that.. I have been really busy the past month and my life is going to get even busier..

Throughout the month of July and the beginning of August I was traveling a lot. At the beginning of July I went to Wisconsin to Visit my Aunt, Uncle, and 4 cousins. I stayed there for 3 or 4 days and then came home and came down with some sort of flu.
Also at the beginning of July I finished summer school! Now I will be able to take Geometry Freshman Year :).
On July 23rd, I went to Southern Illinois to visit my Grandparents. I stayed there for a week and then the 3 of us drove up to our family cabin in Minnesota. Later that week my Mom, Brother, and our best friends met us up there along with some other family. We stayed there until August 8th.
While I was gone I really didn’t have time to post. I wanted to spend time with my family especially since I see most of them only one or twice a year.

Another thing that kept me from posting was the fact that we are packing because our house sold and we have just been so busy with that. We move August 13th! I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me is excited and the other part of me is like freaking out. This house is the only thing I have known for 14 and a half years.
Well that was quite a ramble..

Hopefully I will get back on my posting  a schedule once school starts.
As for my other blog. I want to get back to my schedule on this one before I try to handle 2(:


– Interview with xxcolormeprettyxx
– Essentials for your school purse
– Whats in my school bag
– Back to School Outfits

Twitter- @14foreverbeauty
Instagram- 14foreverbeautiful
Email Me!  14foreverbeautiful@gmail.com


Questions of the Post!
– Have you ever moved?
– Any Requests on Posts?

– I was thinking about doing an advice post so if you need advice you can email me(:
– I want to do a questions post too so if you have questions, They would be very much appreciated!

Love you girls<3



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