Transition Summer Clothes to Back to School

Hey everyone, it’s been crazy busy this summer and I apologize for not posting as much as I would like to! I hope to get back on a more regular posting schedule very soon!

For today’s post, I was thinking about how I have all these adorable summer clothes that I would love to wear in the fall so I don’t have to buy a bunch of new clothes. So, I went onto Polyvore and transitioned some of my favorite summer pieces into fall fashion. I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration.

Look 1: White Skirt

A white skirt just screams summer to me so it can be hard to make it a fall piece. My tips: use some fall appropriate colors in a long-sleeved shirt and matching scarf to offset to summerness of the skirt. The flats and earrings add a nice touch.

Look 2: Colorful Shorts

With your bright shorts, I think the rest of the outfit should be neutral. A gray tank top and black blazer add a sophistication to the look. The pale shoes and bag go well with the bright shorts and the dark jewelry ties it together well. I love this look and think it looks a lot like a fall fashionista.

Look 3: White Dress

A white dress is super summery and usually only broken out then. But pairing it with floral leggings and black boots makes it have a more fall look. the brown bag and long necklaces tie the look together. This is probably my favorite look.

Look 4: Bandeau Top

A lot of people have bandeau tops that are so cute and fun for summer but hard to wear in the fall. But if you pair a cardigan in the same color scheme and button it up (just enough so you’re not showing any stomach), pair it with jeans, and nude flats, it transitions nicely into a fall look.

Look 5: Summery Wedges

Bought those adorable wedges at the end of summer sale? Don’t want to wait until next summer to wear them? Pair them with a black cardigan and a simple polka dot skirt! Add a simple silver necklace and the summery wedges fit right into fall.

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know so I can keep making posts better and better!

Lots of Love,




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4 responses to “Transition Summer Clothes to Back to School

  1. Wonderful transition tips! I especially love the fourth one!
    Great post(:

    Lauren xx

  2. Beautiful Outfits! I love #2 and 3 best!

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