Revlon Lip Butter Review

Hi Girls!
First off, today I’m working on brainstorming ideas for future posts and creating a schedule. So if you have any requests please leave them down below. I can use all the help I can get! I am open to anything(:

Anyway onto todays post! I have been trying out the Revlon Lip butters and I thought I would review them!

Revlon Lip butters ( $6.49- 7.99)

My opinion: I think these are amazing. They have a great color selection. They go on sheer but are build-able.

Consistency? The lip butters are very moisturizing and give a glossy effect. They aren’t sticky at all and feel very smooth on your lips.

How long do they last? The lasting quality on these aren’t anything amazing. The color fades pretty fast, however the moisture stays.


I’m so sorry this was so short. The pictures wouldn’t cooperate. I hope you enjoyed!


QOTP (Questions of the Post) :

1. Have you tried any lip butters?
2. Is there anything you want me to review?
3. Any way I could improve?

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2 responses to “Revlon Lip Butter Review

  1. Ashley,
    Great review!
    I have not tried lip butter before, but I may try it now!
    I would love to see your review on BB cream soon! I have some as well, and a review would have helped me tremendously before I purchased it, so it may help some people who are undecided.
    I think it would be neat to see a post on your favorite makeup products and a few of your least favorite.


    • foreverbeautifulashley

      Thank you so much for reading! I’m really having a great time trying out the BB cream so I can give a good and detailed review on it! Thank you for your suggestion for a post I will look through my products and get started on preparing for it!

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