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January 2012

February 2012


3- my-top-picks By: LiveLaughfashion

4- february-favorites by:Ashley

4- secrets-boys-dont-want-you-to-know  By: livelaughfashion

5- where-have-i-been By: Paint Glitter

6- shirts-dressed-up-vs-casual By: Olivia

6- what-to-keep-in-your-school-backpack By: Paint Glitter

7- vera-bradley-live-in-style By: Ashley

7- dance-costumes By: Olivia

7- one-direction By: LiveLaughfashion

8- book-review-last-song By: Rain

10-florence-and-the-machine-inspired By: Rain

11- /2012/03/11/1074/ “Just saying…” By: LiveLaughFashion

12- last-minute-ideas-for-spring-break By: Rain

13- Birthday:) By: Kirsten

14- spring-2012-shoes By: Rain

18- jc-penneys-outfits By: Olivia

23- scrumptious-snacks By: Paint Glitter

25- animal-inpsiration/ By: LiveLaughFashion

25- song-inspired-drive-by-by-train By: Paint Glitter

26- all-that-counts-is-here-and-now/ By: LiveLaughFashion

29-spring-fashion-2012 Paint Glitter

30- /march-favorites/ By: Ashley


4- thatswhatmakesyoubeautiful/ By: LiveLaughFashion

5- these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things By: Olivia

9- What’s on my E.L.F wish list? By: Makeupl0ver97

9- 9-easy-ways-to-go-green By: Olivia

11- 5-healthy-drinks By: Rain

18- /just-a-quick-little-post-3/ By: Ashley

19- to-all-the-girls-out-there/ By: LiveLaughFashion

22- fashion-playlist/ By: LiveLaughFashion

29- /review-original-neutrogena-wave-sonic-22/ By: Ashley

29- summer-wishlist/ By: Livelaughfashion


 1-/april-favorites-2/ By Ashley

6- summer-bucketlist/ By: Livelaughfashion

7-  /nail-polish-haul/ By: Ashley

15- /products-i-recommmend-for-the-shower-tips-and-tricks/ By Ashley

21-\/target-and-ulta-haul/ By Ashley

21- /summer-beauty/ By: LiveLaughFashion

23- what-i-keep-in-my-beach-bag/By: LiveLaughFashion

26- /urban-decay-naked-2-palette-review-update/By:Ashley

28- /summer-party-fashion/ By: LiveLaughFashion

/update-why-i-havent-been-blogging/ By: Ashley

12-Can’t Figure Out How To Get That Perfect Manicure? By: Kirsten

16- /best-and-worst-mascaras/ By: Ashley

17- book-review-the-luxe-by-anna-godbersen/ By: LiveLaughFashion


2- how-to-get-eleanor-calders-style/ By: LiveLaughFashion

4- these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things-2 By: Olivia

5- after-4th-fashion/ By: LiveLaughFashion

10- /beauty-fact-or-fake/ By: LiveLaughFashion

13- how-to-get-that-perfect-signature-piece/ By: LiveLaughFashion


13- transition-summer-clothes-to-back-to-school/ By: LiveLaughFashion


2: back-to-school-beauty/ By: LiveLaughFashion


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