February 2012

February 2012

1- inspired-by-three-days-grace By: Rain

2-super-bowl-fashion By: Rain

3-valentine’s-day-outfit-ideas By: Olivia

3- inspiration-from-hipster-disney-princesses-part-1 By: Rain

4-steal-alex-russo’s-outfits By: Olivia

5-week-of-stlye-lily-collins By: Rain

6-spring-trends By: Paint Glitter

6- e-l-f-review By: Rain

6-random-inspiration By: LiveLaughFashion

7-my-top-5-favorite-beauty-products-right-now  By: Olivia

7- my-top-8-favorite-beauty-products By: Ashley

8-10-things-to-have-in-your-closet by: LiveLaughFashion

8- song-inspired-i-like-it-like-that-hot-chelle-rae By: Paint Glitter

8- valentines-beauty-under-10 By: Rain

9- new-ways-to-wear-trends By: LiveLaughFashion

9- 3-of-my-favorite-hair-products By: Paint glitter

9- these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things By: Paint Glitter

10-last-chance-for-winter-trends By: Olivia

10- favorite-nail-polishes By: Ashley

10- winter-fashion By: Paint Glitter

11- valentines-day-gift-guide By: Rain

11-favorites<3 By: Kirsten

12-prom-dress-ideas  By: Olivia

13- fabulous-fitness By: Paint Glitter

13- 5-healthy-snacks By: Rain

17- simple-hair-styles By: Livelaughfashion

18- mini-target-haul By: Ashley

19- 10-classic-clothing-items-every-girl-need By: Rain

21- fun-fitness-cardio By: Paint Glitter

22-my-top-5-favorite-ways-to-excersize By: Olivia

23- beauty-haul-all-drugstore By: Rain

24- Make your own lip scrub! <3 By: Kirsten

25- take-a-stand-against-bullying By: Rain

25-how-to-start-preparing-for-summer By: Olivia

25- lauren-conrads-hair-styles-part-1 By: Rain

26- song-inspired-dear-john-by-taylor-swift By: Paint Glitter

26- haulola-mall-of-america- By: Paint Glitter

26- spring-nail-polish-picks By: Rain

26- spring-break-fashion By: Livelaughfashion

27- what-to-keep-in-your-gym-bag By: Rain


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