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Special Announcement

Hey girls!
I just wanted to let you know, that i started a YouTube beauty and fashion channel! I feel like im advertising but I figured since this is a fashion and beauty blog, you might like watching videos as well! Yes, i am pretty awkward, but I guess that comes with talking to your camera alone in your bedroom for the first few times.
I love you guys



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New Blog!!

Hey Guys!!
Happy Holidays!! I know it has been basically dead on here, but I wanted to announce that I started my own beauty blog in the beginning of December, This new blog is my primary blog, and I am under a new username. It would seriously would  mean the world if you checked it out. I also wanted to say, that tomorrow I am putting up a makeup collection. Love you guys!! Thank you so much for reading and supporting me! Hope you enjoy the blog. <3

<3 Xoxoxo


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Nail Of The Day: Essie’s Boxer Shorts

October 7, 2012
Essie’s Boxer Shorts


First off I would like to say that this isn’t my picture. I was having trouble so I got my picture from the lovely google images- (My nails look the exact same way color- wise)

I decided to put this on my nails today since I had just bought it. I instantly fell in love with it, and since it is limited edition I wanted to share it with you. I have never seen another color like this. I have wanted to try essie nail polish for such a long time, but never did because i’m all about cheaper alternatives when it comes to nail polish. I’m pretty sure my perspective has changed. Essie nail polish has a such a great consistency to them. They go on smoothly and have a beautiful color pay- off. At target they are $7.79 , however you can you usually find them at Tjmaxx for around $4.

Other than that…..

I feel so bad because nothing has been posted since September 3rd. Ever since I started high school things have just been crazy and I have had such a hard time with keeping up with the blog. Not to mention I have completely run out of ideas.

I need your help guyss<33 I need you to leave requests for me to work on getting ready so I have some stuff to post. Also please leave how often you would like me to post. Thank you soo much<333


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Do you like nail of the day posts?

Any nail polish must- haves?



I love you girlls<3

Hopefully I’ll be back soon <3




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Revlon Lip Butter Review

Hi Girls!
First off, today I’m working on brainstorming ideas for future posts and creating a schedule. So if you have any requests please leave them down below. I can use all the help I can get! I am open to anything(:

Anyway onto todays post! I have been trying out the Revlon Lip butters and I thought I would review them!

Revlon Lip butters ( $6.49- 7.99)

My opinion: I think these are amazing. They have a great color selection. They go on sheer but are build-able.

Consistency? The lip butters are very moisturizing and give a glossy effect. They aren’t sticky at all and feel very smooth on your lips.

How long do they last? The lasting quality on these aren’t anything amazing. The color fades pretty fast, however the moisture stays.


I’m so sorry this was so short. The pictures wouldn’t cooperate. I hope you enjoyed!


QOTP (Questions of the Post) :

1. Have you tried any lip butters?
2. Is there anything you want me to review?
3. Any way I could improve?

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-Fall Outfits
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xoxo Ashley



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Interview with XXColorMePrettyXX (:

Hey Girls!
I have been meaning to get this post up forever! I have just been so busy!
Erica is a beauty guru on youtube and I love her videos! I was lucky enough to be able to interview her!

Q:What first interested you in makeup?
A: I was first interested in it when I would watch my mom put on makeup & it just looked so pretty!

Q: Out of makeup/fashion/hair which is your favorite?
A: Definitely makeup. I have a passion toward makeup more than anything else beauty related. I feel that it can completely change your appearance for whatever you want to do!

Q:If you could only use one makeup product for the rest of your life, what would you use?
A:I’d have to say mascara!

Q: How were you introduced to the makeup world? What interested you?
A:When I was little, my mom & aunt would always give me makeovers & my family would get me makeup sets for Christmas & birthdays! I’ve always loved makeup!

Q: Did you ever go through an embarrassing makeup phase?
A:  Yes.. I was in 6th grade & it was the first year I was allowed to wear makeup to school. I wore this teal/green eyeshadow & it was AWFUL!

Q: What is your biggest hair secret?
A:4 words. Horse shampoo and conditioner! Haha, it sounds really weird, but it gets rid of split ends, makes your hair shiny, & makes your hair grow faster! It’s called Mane n Tail & it’s sold in drugstores!

Q:If you could only shop at one clothing store for the rest of your life where would it be?
A:Forever 21. I wish it was my closet!

Q: What is your go to fashion piece?
A: Major piece: a dress. Minor piece: sunglasses.

Q:All time favorite nail polish?
A:Buttercup by Revlon!

Q:What is your favorite thing about being a beauty guru?
A:Being able to share my beauty & fashion tips with people!

Q:  Advice to anyone who wants to start making videos?
A:Don’t be nervous about posting videos! Just really believe in yourself! If its something you really love, go for it!


Hope you enjoyed!

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Did you miss my interview with Chasey? Check it out!

Thanks Erica for letting me do this! Sorry it took so long to get up!


Questions of the post:
– Have you ever had an embarrassing makeup phase?
– Do any of you make youtube videos?

Upcoming Posts:
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Long Time No Blog….

Hey Girls!
Long time no talk.. I really wanted to apologize for that.. I have been really busy the past month and my life is going to get even busier..

Throughout the month of July and the beginning of August I was traveling a lot. At the beginning of July I went to Wisconsin to Visit my Aunt, Uncle, and 4 cousins. I stayed there for 3 or 4 days and then came home and came down with some sort of flu.
Also at the beginning of July I finished summer school! Now I will be able to take Geometry Freshman Year :).
On July 23rd, I went to Southern Illinois to visit my Grandparents. I stayed there for a week and then the 3 of us drove up to our family cabin in Minnesota. Later that week my Mom, Brother, and our best friends met us up there along with some other family. We stayed there until August 8th.
While I was gone I really didn’t have time to post. I wanted to spend time with my family especially since I see most of them only one or twice a year.

Another thing that kept me from posting was the fact that we are packing because our house sold and we have just been so busy with that. We move August 13th! I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me is excited and the other part of me is like freaking out. This house is the only thing I have known for 14 and a half years.
Well that was quite a ramble..

Hopefully I will get back on my posting  a schedule once school starts.
As for my other blog. I want to get back to my schedule on this one before I try to handle 2(:


– Interview with xxcolormeprettyxx
– Essentials for your school purse
– Whats in my school bag
– Back to School Outfits

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Questions of the Post!
– Have you ever moved?
– Any Requests on Posts?

– I was thinking about doing an advice post so if you need advice you can email me(:
– I want to do a questions post too so if you have questions, They would be very much appreciated!

Love you girls<3


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My New Blog(:

Hey Girls!
This is a really quick post!! I was inspired to start my own blog so along with this one I will have a personal one(: If you want to read it please check it out! Love you girls!

Thank you!!
Ashley <3

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