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Hey everyone! I love makeup and fashion and really anything else you can think of in those categories. I love to be outside, and i play soccer and softball( on occasion). Im a really laid back kinda girl.(:

Favorite Pinterest Finds of the Week!!

Lately I’ve been OBSESSED with pinterest, and I love finding cool new recipies or nail ideas ect.! So I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite finds this week with all of you!

I’ve been loving to bake lately and I’m super excited to try these. They are chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter cups!!!! They look absolutely AMAZIINNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to the recipie:

I’ve also been into DIYs lately, and this DIY caught my eye. Its a glass gem covered bottle with a light bulb inside! I think it’d be sooo pretty as a cool effect on your walls as seen in the picture!

Pinned Image

Here’s the link to the website:

Finally, as I was going through my feed, I came across this awesome DIY beach wave spray!! I’ve been doing beach waves like the whole summer, and I can’t wait to try this recipie for them!

Pinned Image

Here’s the link to the website:

More of these will be coming soon!!




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Sunless Tanning!:)

Hey!! I haven’t done a post in what feels like FOREVER!! So todays post will be on what my favorite sunless tanning products are:)

Tanning is extremely bad for your skin and even though the tan looks pretty while you have it, your actually causing premature wrinkles and you are also at a higher risk for skin cancer:( If you do choose to tan, which everyone does lol, at least use spf 30 but spf 50 is much better:) Tanning beds are a HUGE no-no!!!

So here are two products that I LOVE to use to get a gorgeous, natural looking tan!

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

This is a gradual tanning product. The tan progressively builds as you continue to put this on your skin till you have a very natural looking, healthy glow. You can use this product everyday because it is a lotion. I used up a whole tube of this, and I could clearly tell that my skin did look tanner:) Downfalls to this product: it does smell really wierd, not really overpowering, but like an awkward smell…… lol:)

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

This would definatly be my favorite out of the two, while it is a bit pricey it is SOOO worth it! When you pump this out of the bottle, it foams and looks like a gross brownish green and its kinda really scary. After you put it on and follow the directions and what not, you will get the most gorgeous tan!  Downfalls to this product: none what so ever! I love it!!

***Side note: This is a gradual tanning product as well, but with each use, you get noticably darker where as the jergens it will take a couple uses:)



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What’s in My Beach Bag!!

With Summer officially only FIVE days away, I thought it would be fun to do a post on what I keep in my beach bag! So without further explaining of this self explainatory post I will get to it!!:)

1.) Towel:)

* Wouldn’t it be fun to tie dye your own beach towel!!!!*


2.) SUNSCREEN!!!! I like the spray on kind! It makes putting on sunscreen sooo easy!

3.) Phone:)

4.) Ipod:)

5.) Body Mist!

6.) Evian Spray

7.) Water!

8.) Comb!

9.) Ponytails/ headbands/bobbypins

10.)Snacks lol:)

11.) Book/Magazine!

12.) Beach Ball! deflated of course haha!

13.) Sunglasses! Your eyeballs need protection too!!

14.) Bandaids and Neosporin! Because you never know when your going to get injured! Be prepared for everything!

Alright so that is everything that is currently in my beach bag!

I hope you all have a wonderful summer and are safe!!!!!:)




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Finally SUMMER!:) Fun summer ideas!

With it being memorial day weekend, i feel like it is officially summer! With the summer time, everyone has a bucket list! So here are a few fun things you can add to your list, and hopefully accomplish!

1.) Make your own icecream flavor

2.) Have a Luau

3.) Spend the day in the city

4.) Pull an all nighter

5.) Do sunrise yoga

6.) Eat 100 popsicles

7.) Have a picnik on the beach

8.) Have a huge bonfire

9.) Take 1000 pictures throughout the whole summer

10.) Splatter paint T-Shirts

We heart it 1999

Have an awesome summer everyone!!



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Hey guys!!! So I just wanted to make a quick little post saying that i have not forgotten about you!! Ive been supper busy with school and soccer and i have not had time to make a post! but very soon i will be making some really fun posts so stay tuned!!!!



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Spring Fashion 2012

I love the fashions this spring! Everyone trend is very possible to wear everyday without looking overdone, and you can also dress them up! Every picture is from the Spring 2012 Fashion Week:) Hope you all like it!

Here we go…….

Don’t put away all your floral print dresses just yet! Florals are still in style for this spring 2012! At New York Fashion Week, Jason Wu’s Design really caught my eye! I thought that a sheer floral romper was a fun twist! Especially since sheer tops are in too!

For all you tom-boys out there, I’ve got a trend for you as well! I really like this trend because it goes along with my style! I love how you can mix different textures with this trend! Specifically at the Spring fashion week, 3.1 Philip Lim’s take on it really caught my eye! I love the sweatshirt wrapped at the waist and the gray color gradient.

Another trend I think is super cute is the geometric color blocking:) The harsh edges of the shapes make each of the colors stand out against each other. My favorite was by Narciso Rodgriguez because I really like how the shapes and colors guide your eyes across the whole outfit. They put movement into the piece.

Finally, pastels. You all know I love pastels and the trend with pastels. I think my first post I did was on the trend lol:) But pastels are really in every spring because of how they represent little baby ducks and chicks! lol! So I really liked Proenza Schouler’s take on the trend because she incorporated zebra print into the dress!! OMG!! lol:) sad to say but you can’t see the print in this picture:(

Trends also include tribal prints, super bold prints, color blocking in general ect..

How cute are these!!!!!!!!!!!lol


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Song Inspired!!! Drive By , by Train

Drive By

This outfit was inspired by a song called Drive By by Train. The song reminds me of like driving and what not so and this is what popped into my head!:)

So first, we have a pair of distressed skinny jeans and a leather jacket to give off that tough chic vibe.  Then to make this outfit a little more wearable I paired it with a pair of  black converse, and no jewelry. For hair, go with a really messy beachy hair( for a post on this just ask:) ) and a small winged eyeliner with your water line lined. And to finish it off, go for red lips and you’ll be center of attention:)

So there ya have it:) Hope you liked it:):)


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