– The creator of this blog. A girl with a passion for fashion and all things girly. Hoping to create a place for girls to come and talk to other girls, get advice and inspiration.  And inspire them in fashion and beauty.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”


Style- a mix if everything! I like pretty much all styles

Posts- about everything :)

Fave color- blue

Signature piece- probably my leather jacket and i love skirts, scarves and headbands

Fave store- I basically shop in any store but i really like thrift stores, forever 21, target, and Delias.

Fave designer– Ralph Lauren and Chanel

Fave fashion season Fall for all the layering and summer for the breezy clothes

Fave music style i like everything but rap although i love classical and alternative

Fave fashionable movie- Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Fave book- I think that would be Alice in Wonderland and the Private series

Fave fashionable city- Tokyo and France

Fave magazine- Seventeen

Fave fashion icon- Selena Gomez



Olivia- “What a man sows he harvest, and he is destined to a future that he has charted himself.”

 Country- USA

Style- Bright colors, animal print, floral, lace, etc. (:

Posts- Fashion

Fave color- Orange

Signature piece- Flats and bright colored jeans

Fave store- I’d have to say Rue 21 or PacSun or Deb.

Fave fashion season- Spring and Fall

Fave book- The Giver or The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

 Fave fashionable city- NYC or Pittsburgh

Fave magazine- Seventeen

Fave fashion icon- Emma Watson



I love everything fashion, beauty, and girly

–  Keep Calm and Go Shopping-

Country- USA

                                Posts- Everything! Mainly Makeup, Fashion, and Nail Polish

                        Favorite Color- Hot Pink or Tiffany Blue

                                     Signature piece- Sweaters, Jeans, Scarves, and Boots

                                           Favorite stores- Forever 21, American Eagle, and Charlotte Russe

Favorite designer- Michael Kors

Favorite Fashion season- Fall

Favorite Music style- Country and Pop

                         Favorite book- Beneath The Glitter By Elle and Blair Fowler

Fave Fashionable City-  New York

Fave Magazine- Seventeen

Fave fashion icon-  Lindsey (Beautybaby44 on Youtube)


Jennifer- I love anything fashion, beauty, and boys. I believe that beauty is the eye of the beholder and everyone is beautiful.

Country: USA

Style: pretty casual but with a girlier edge

Posts: everything :)

Fave Color: Lime green

Signature piece: scarves or anything that sparkles!

Fave Store: i love all stores but i am really into Charlotte Russe, Pink, and Delia’s right now.

Fave designer- Coach or Micheal Kors. i can’t decide! :)

Fave fashion season- summer! i love wearing cute tanks and sunglasses!

Fave music style- anything top 40 or ’80s rock!

Fave Movie: Confessions of a shopaholic

Fave book: i love the House of Night series or the Luxe series

Fave city: Paris all the way! :)

Fave magazine: People or Us Weekly

Fave style icon: Lauren Conrad


Kirsten- I love everything about beauty, fashion, and makeup! I hope that I can help girls out there! Im so excited and blessed to be apart of this Blog. Im loud and bubbly:)

Country: USA

Style: Comfy, Cute, Anything I like:)

Posts: Anything :)

Favorite Color: Hot Pink!

Signature piece: My Jackets<3

Favorite Store: Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, as of right now!

Favorite Designer: Coach!

Favorite Fashion Season: Winter<3 I love the cold!

Favorite Music: Country!

Favorite Movie: I am Sam<3

Favorite Book: Someone like you!

Favorite City: New York! :)

Favorite Magazine: People, Seventeen.

Favorite Makeup Brand: E.L.F

* Look for something special at the end of each post:)



Paintglitter(Rachael)- I Love fashion, beauty, fitness, boys:) anything that had to do with being a girl I love! And I’m here to share what I know with all of you, but I’m also here to have a really good time:)

Country- United States

Style- Beachy, laid back

Posts- makeup, fitness, fashion, other

Fave color- turquoise blue

Signature piece- tanktops:) I love em!

Fave store- Hollister, TJmax, Forever 21, Pacsun, Jcrew

Fave designer- I don’t really have one

Fave fashion season- SUMMER!!

Fave music style- Country

Fave book- Hunger Games

Fave fashionable city- Chicago

Fave magazine- Seventeen

Fave fashion icon- Taylor Swift


15 responses to “Authors

  1. Hey Olivia! So glad to have you blogging with me! Loved your author info, i would love to get to know you better, when i have a chance to talk! Also when/if we get more bloggers i feel it might get a bit messy, so what do you think about making a headquarters page with important info each week/month.

  2. Hey ashley and jennifer, nice to meet you! So glad to be blogging with you both :)
    I love how all us authors are so unique from each other, but i noticed we all like scarves!

    • livelaughfashion

      thanks! I’m really excited to be blogging on here!

      • Well, we are glad to have you! If you have any more questions just go ahead and ask me or Olivia ( we both have blogging experience on here). I want to make blogging easy, because it was really hard for me at first! lol
        And feel welcome to share any ideas for the blog design!

  3. I think this page is so cool now because everyone is so unique(:

  4. Ashley

    I agree! We are all so different but its so amazing! Thanks so much again for letting me be a part of this<3

  5. Ashley

    I just posted something but I couldnt figure out how to post it to the archive page! can someone help me please thanks !!! (:

  6. paintglitter

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new page design!!!! It is soooooo pretty!!:)

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