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Transition Summer Clothes to Back to School

Hey everyone, it’s been crazy busy this summer and I apologize for not posting as much as I would like to! I hope to get back on a more regular posting schedule very soon!

For today’s post, I was thinking about how I have all these adorable summer clothes that I would love to wear in the fall so I don’t have to buy a bunch of new clothes. So, I went onto Polyvore and transitioned some of my favorite summer pieces into fall fashion. I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration.

Look 1: White Skirt

A white skirt just screams summer to me so it can be hard to make it a fall piece. My tips: use some fall appropriate colors in a long-sleeved shirt and matching scarf to offset to summerness of the skirt. The flats and earrings add a nice touch.

Look 2: Colorful Shorts

With your bright shorts, I think the rest of the outfit should be neutral. A gray tank top and black blazer add a sophistication to the look. The pale shoes and bag go well with the bright shorts and the dark jewelry ties it together well. I love this look and think it looks a lot like a fall fashionista.

Look 3: White Dress

A white dress is super summery and usually only broken out then. But pairing it with floral leggings and black boots makes it have a more fall look. the brown bag and long necklaces tie the look together. This is probably my favorite look.

Look 4: Bandeau Top

A lot of people have bandeau tops that are so cute and fun for summer but hard to wear in the fall. But if you pair a cardigan in the same color scheme and button it up (just enough so you’re not showing any stomach), pair it with jeans, and nude flats, it transitions nicely into a fall look.

Look 5: Summery Wedges

Bought those adorable wedges at the end of summer sale? Don’t want to wait until next summer to wear them? Pair them with a black cardigan and a simple polka dot skirt! Add a simple silver necklace and the summery wedges fit right into fall.

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know so I can keep making posts better and better!

Lots of Love,




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How To Get That Perfect Signature Piece

kristineklove -

We all know that person who always wear that gorgeous leather bracelet every day and everyone knows her for it. Or that guy with the best smelling cologne and the entire female population would hurt him if he changed it. We know the people who copy those looks in hopes of being called the person who started that trend. Don’t be that person. I have been trying for years to find that perfect signature piece and I am still on the hunt. It used to be three feathers- red, orange, and blue- but they have fallen out of my hair and fashion. I have devised a plan to find it my next one though and am determined to find it on my next shopping trip.

Step 1: Know you’re stores

Don’t go into stores that you don’t like or don’t want to be seen dead in. For me, I will never go into Aeropostale. No offense if you shop there, but it’s not my fave store. Go into a store that you like. That will help you find the right piece.

Step 2: Have an Idea of what you want

Don’t just show up at the mall expecting your piece to jump out at you. You have to know if it will be jewelry or a clothing item or whatever you choose before you go out and try to find it.

Step 3: Have a Budget

It sucks when you find an awesome shirt but you can’t afford it so you have to put it back. Make sure you know you’re budget and stay away from too high of price tags.

Step 4: Bring an honest friend

Make sure that your friend will tell you if you found the perfect piece or not. Sometimes, my fashion choices are a bit off so my sister will always tell me if I’m completely off-key or not. An honest friend will tell you if the piece is perfect for you!

I hope these ideas will help you in your signature piece search!

I was hoping to make a Q&A post somewhere in the future so if you have any fashion/beauty/hair/etc. questions you want answered, just comment with your question or email me at

Lots of Love,



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After 4th Fashion

Google Image Result for

After the 4th of July, we all just shove our red, white, and blue back into the closet until next year. Well, this year you won’t have to! I created some looks that will let you use your red, white, and blue for the rest of the summer!


Look 1:

Those colorful shorts that we wear? Don’t hide those. To keep the look from looking like the 4th, pair them with a pastel pink shirt, a hat with a matching pink band and brown sandals for a look that is nothing like 4th of July.

Look 2:

Don’t trash those flag shirts. They scream 4th of July but you can class it up. Pairing a flag shirt with a black pencil skirt, blue suede pumps, and some killer jewelry makes this look classy enough for a girls night/date night.

Look 3:

The flag scarf that you would normally wear once a year? Bring it back out. Mix the pattern with a simple one like this for a cute casual look. The brown oxfords and earrings keep it summery and not holiday-ish.


Comments? Thoughts? Let me know so I can make these posts better and better!

Lots of love,



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All that Counts is Here and Now

Hello everyone! I’m in one of those fazes where you’re obsessed with songs and you’re always singing so that explains why my post is a line from the song “Glad You Came” by The Wanted. I love that song! It’s my favorite song that isn’t One Direction :)

But onto the post! I am also going through what I like to call a fashion identity crisis! It’s basically where you’re tired of your current style and want to change it up! So, that’s what I’m doing. My new vision for my wardrobe is Boho-Edgy! I hope you all enjoy some outfits based off this new style and find inspiration of your own!

Outfit 1:

So this look really takes on the boho part of my look. With the patterned tank top and jean capris, it’s perfect for spring or a summer’s night. I chose simple flip-flops with a little beading on them for a little bling. The shell necklace and fringe messenger bag top it off perfectly.

Outfit 2:

I think look really has both boho and edgy aspects to it. The simple tunic and black leggings are much more the bohohemian part of the look. The black studded clutch makes it edgier. I topped it off with cute animal print flats and a really cool orange beaded necklace.

Outfit 3:

This outfit is more of my current boho style but you can still see the boho in it. The loose Coca-Cola shirt is boho but edgy from the color. The straight leg jeans are more boho than edgy and the sneakers add an edgy edge i guess. The black scarf ties the look together for a very casual boho-edgy look.

Comments? Thoughts? Let me know if you think I’m hitting the boho-edgy look I’m going for or what I should work on! Thanks ! Hope you all enjoyed!




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Animal Inpsiration

My Photos - S (18)

I’m back! I hope you all had a fabulous week! I am so excited to be back and blogging that I just had to make a post. While I was in San Diego, I got to see so many animals. These animals really inspired me so I thought a post of outfits inspired by animals would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy!

Outfit 1: Penguins

Life in Perspective


I got to pet a penguin at Seaworld which was amazing! penguins are extremely soft but are tough and you don’t mess with them. This look captures the hard and soft a penguin. A simple flowy white tank like a penguins stomach, the sequins tight skirt because penguins seem to have a shine to their feathers, the leather jacket to capture the hard rocker edge of the penguin, the orange pumps for their feet, and the black and white scarf to tie the look together.

Outfit 2: Dik Dik

So Dik Dik’s are not well-known animals but they are adorable. I just learned about them in San Diego and I am now obsessed. So for the outfit I wanted a cute outfit because Dik Diks are so darn cute. I chose a simple white long sleeve to start off the look but that can be changed to fit the weather to a tank. The faux fur vest because of the Dik Dik’s fur coat, black skinny jeans for the Dik Dik’s large black eyes, the flower necklace to bring the look together, and the gray lace Toms for the little bit of gray in the Dik Dik’s fur.

Outfit 3: Dolphin

Love Sucks.

Dolphins are my favorite animals and they were so cool in the Seaworld show that I had to include them. I chose a simple white tank for the underbelly of the dolphin, gray high-waisted shorts for the rest of the dolphin, a gray blazer to class up the look but that doesn’t have to be in the outfit, gray flats, and black and gray bracelets to add finish off the look.

Outfit 4: Flamingo

MW Photography

Flamingos are interesting creatures. They turn their pinkish hues from eating small shrimp but if they aren’t pink its because they had children and they lost their hues from giving birth. I chose a pink tank top that is simple and easy, jean shorts, pink Vans, and white feather earrings to represent the feathers.

Thoughts? Comments? Let me know so I can keep making awesome posts on what you want to see!




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Week of Stlye: Lily Collins

Hey everyone,
I just got my new Seventeen magazine for the month and noticed Lily Collins on it! ( In which she looked stunning). I had never heard much about her but after reading her  interview i realized how great of a role-model she is for young girls. Right away i knew i wanted to do a post on her, but what? I was also thinking about how people at school always wear the most basic things and how great it would be if people put in more effort to dress nicer. That is how i came up with this post. One whole week of outfits inspired by Lily Collins to help you mix up your style. I also tried to pick outfits with mostly basic pieces people have. Enjoy!


 Im really liking this outfit for spring because it is bright, which is just the thing i need for a monday school morning but at the same time is classy and sophisticated. The balanced layers of a short skirt and a blazer make it perfect for those months transferring into spring. To recreate this look yourself, pick out a basic blue mini or a mini in any bright color you have and a simple white t-shirt. Next add a blazer ( a piece every girl should own) and a fancy necklace to make the outfit more unique. For shoes just find some in a matching color to the skirt which really finishes the look. For school i would not reccomend heels like lily, but simple flats would do. In the end this look is great for a monday morning when you are tired and need to brighten your look.


This outfit is nice for a tuesday or when you have to give that school presentation. One piece everyone really needs for winter would be a plaid dress, its fun and trendy at the same time. A step up from the plain plaid flannel. A plaid dress in a neutral color works nice for winter so its not too overwhelming. Because it is still winter through on a staple black blazer and tight. To make sure the outfit its comfy choose some black flats instead of heels. Keep jewelry minimal.


This is a great Wednesday outfit, the day that you are calm and just want to be simple. This outfit is casual/comfy but still trendy. Taking a very trendy piece ( high-waisted jeans) add a embellished top in a neutral color, and dont forget to tuck it into the jeans. Adding some matching pointed black flats add more omph than regular flats. All together this is a very trendy and simple outfit!


This outfit of lily’s is rather grandma-ish but you can mix it up to create a cute prep-school-girl outfit for school. Of course you need a white button-down ( a long-sleeved one keeps you warm). Still using a plaid skirt choose one out in classic colors but choose a mini one instead of this un-flattering length. If you are very worried about being cold try out nylons in a matching skin color ( many people hate them, but they can be really great) Last add some loafers in a black instead of heels. Loafers give you the same old-school look lily has without looking like a grandma. Last add some cute jewelry :)


This outfit is great for winter and a casual/fun friday. All you need is a fitted mini, black tights, a plain t-shirt, leather jacket, and any type of booties you want ( they dont have to be open-toed like hers). As usual her jewelry is simple. The whole look is cute and can easily be switched to a friday night out outfit by switching the t-shirt for a sparkly or sequins tank and if you keep the tights wedge booties, or ditch the tights and choose a killer pair of heels


This outfit is cute and easy to through on for a afternoon shopping with your girls or a casual date. Choosing a trendy chambray dress give a spring vibe but a long blue blazer keeps you warm for winter, while the thin brown belt makes the outfit fitted and the simple flats pulls the whole look together.


Usually on sundays im going out with friends again or out with my boyfriend. This sleek, edgy outfit is great for a date. Just choose a  body-con dress in a bright color and add tights and heels. Together it looks bold but still great for winter. But one main part of this look is the sleek ponytail so dont forget that!


Did you like this post? Are you going to try any of these outfits? Would you like to see more posts like these? If so, who? Which outfit was your favorite?




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Inspiration from hipster Disney Princesses, Part 1

Picture credit:

Hey everyone,

Today i was roaming the internet when i came across the above picture. I instantly loved it. the drawing and ideas are amazing! I love the outfits on the girls. This picture is basic Disney Princesses in Urban/regular outfits. Looking at how unique the outfits were i sparked an idea, What if i recreated their outfits and made a post on it?

So many bloggers create posts with outfits inspired by the Disney Princesses but i didn’t want to do that, yet still wanted something to do with these iconic girls. And tha’ts where this picture comes into play.

Below i have recreated the outfits above for you to try out, or get inspiration from. Enjoy!

Outfit # 1 – Hipster Cinderella

hipster cinderella

Cinderella’s outfit is rather bold, i feel. Its very neutral and casual with a touch of Princess glam. I feel like it has a menswear feel to it and would be great to wear in fall. The outfit starts out with a basic white tank and adds a brown vest on top of that. For bottoms the drawer, drew tan cut offs and added tights in Cinderellas signature color, Blue. For shoes basic black flats were chosen, which everyone knows are great for any type of walking. The outfit is a take off her maids outfit but adds gold jewelry to give a vibe that is fancy hipster. On the drawing i could not see the jewelry exactly but for the necklace i chose a crown one because she is a princess and then a basic ring with gold edging and a Chanel bracelet. Last for accessories a fancy gold belt and a white headband that mimics her white maids cap. Together the outfit could be worn on a weekend or casually to school, to give you an effortless trendy vibe.

Outfit # 2- Hipster Pocahontas


Pocahontas’s outfit i feel has a very trendy down-town vibe. Very hipster indeed. Its Glam yet easily wearable and more daring than Cinderella. Pocahontas’s outfit starts with a basic flowy tan tube top, but i used one with a cute collar. The top is easily belted with a brown belt to look more fitted. A white fur vest is added over the top making the outfit more trendy because fur is in! Bottoms are simple brown pants that look nice when cuffed. Shoes are adorable cute blue heels pumping the trendy vibe. For jewelry she has feather earrings staying true to her Indian heritage and some simple bangles, wooden and gold. And last, the most important piece, her necklace. Instead of a shark like tooth one i choose a simple blue beaded one.

Outfit # 3- Hipster Snow White

snow white

Snow whites outfit i feel has a more classic, colorful, girly feel. It is much brighter than the other 2 and is also more fun. This is an outfit that i would wear to school and maybe even a party! This outfit bases itself around Snow whites 2 main colors, blue and yellow. To begin we took a bright yellow skirt and added a pale blue girly top. This set the base of the outfit. Added on top of the top is a deep blue vest and under the skirt is blue tights. This way it can also be worn for winter. Then we added accessories, for shoes its plain red flats which is her other color. Then an apple necklace which symbolizes the poison apple she eats and some red stud earrings. Last what outfit would resemble snow white, if it didnt have a red headband?

Outfit # 4- Hipster Ariel


Out of all the outfits i have to say this is my favorite. I love the colors and the casual girly feel! To begin the outfit we pick out pastel green pants which were made to resemble her green tail. Then to replicate her seashell bra add a purple tube top with twisted detail. For shoes the picture had matching green converse but i like black betterm but it is up to you. A brown messenger bag was added with a crab brooch to symbolize Sebastian. Jewelry was than added, as a few charm bracelets and her significant shell necklace. Last finish off the look with a pink hair bow to add a girly touch.

Outfit # 5- Hipster Tiana

Tiana is a fairly new princess from the Princess and the frog. Her outfit is the simplest and i like it a lot for that reason. It consists of a yellow dress in a girly silhouette and a brown belt to cinch the waist. Add a simple cut olive green cardigan for warmth and some cute brown booties and the outfit is complete. Simple yet well put-together. Perfect for school or a date. And if you get cold, you can always add tights.


How did you feel about this post? Which was your favorite outfit? Dont forget to stay tuned for part 2!

Also please welcome our 2 new bloggers,

Olivia and Paint Glitter

Please check out  Olivia’s post on cute outfits for Valentines, i know you will love them! Also give her some comments too!




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