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Special Announcement

Hey girls!
I just wanted to let you know, that i started a YouTube beauty and fashion channel! I feel like im advertising but I figured since this is a fashion and beauty blog, you might like watching videos as well! Yes, i am pretty awkward, but I guess that comes with talking to your camera alone in your bedroom for the first few times.
I love you guys



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New Blog!!

Hey Guys!!
Happy Holidays!! I know it has been basically dead on here, but I wanted to announce that I started my own beauty blog in the beginning of December, This new blog is my primary blog, and I am under a new username. It would seriously would  mean the world if you checked it out. I also wanted to say, that tomorrow I am putting up a makeup collection. Love you guys!! Thank you so much for reading and supporting me! Hope you enjoy the blog. <3

<3 Xoxoxo


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Nail Of The Day: Essie’s Boxer Shorts

October 7, 2012
Essie’s Boxer Shorts


First off I would like to say that this isn’t my picture. I was having trouble so I got my picture from the lovely google images- (My nails look the exact same way color- wise)

I decided to put this on my nails today since I had just bought it. I instantly fell in love with it, and since it is limited edition I wanted to share it with you. I have never seen another color like this. I have wanted to try essie nail polish for such a long time, but never did because i’m all about cheaper alternatives when it comes to nail polish. I’m pretty sure my perspective has changed. Essie nail polish has a such a great consistency to them. They go on smoothly and have a beautiful color pay- off. At target they are $7.79 , however you can you usually find them at Tjmaxx for around $4.

Other than that…..

I feel so bad because nothing has been posted since September 3rd. Ever since I started high school things have just been crazy and I have had such a hard time with keeping up with the blog. Not to mention I have completely run out of ideas.

I need your help guyss<33 I need you to leave requests for me to work on getting ready so I have some stuff to post. Also please leave how often you would like me to post. Thank you soo much<333


Wanna be friends?

Instagram (I changed my username but its still me( : ) –  ashleyyymarie15

BEWARE: I have been posting a lot of pictures lately (Instagram obsessed)

Twitter- @14foreverbeauty

Email me with questions, need advice, requests-



Do you like nail of the day posts?

Any nail polish must- haves?



I love you girlls<3

Hopefully I’ll be back soon <3




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Sunless Tanning!:)

Hey!! I haven’t done a post in what feels like FOREVER!! So todays post will be on what my favorite sunless tanning products are:)

Tanning is extremely bad for your skin and even though the tan looks pretty while you have it, your actually causing premature wrinkles and you are also at a higher risk for skin cancer:( If you do choose to tan, which everyone does lol, at least use spf 30 but spf 50 is much better:) Tanning beds are a HUGE no-no!!!

So here are two products that I LOVE to use to get a gorgeous, natural looking tan!

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

This is a gradual tanning product. The tan progressively builds as you continue to put this on your skin till you have a very natural looking, healthy glow. You can use this product everyday because it is a lotion. I used up a whole tube of this, and I could clearly tell that my skin did look tanner:) Downfalls to this product: it does smell really wierd, not really overpowering, but like an awkward smell…… lol:)

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

This would definatly be my favorite out of the two, while it is a bit pricey it is SOOO worth it! When you pump this out of the bottle, it foams and looks like a gross brownish green and its kinda really scary. After you put it on and follow the directions and what not, you will get the most gorgeous tan!  Downfalls to this product: none what so ever! I love it!!

***Side note: This is a gradual tanning product as well, but with each use, you get noticably darker where as the jergens it will take a couple uses:)



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My New Blog(:

Hey Girls!
This is a really quick post!! I was inspired to start my own blog so along with this one I will have a personal one(: If you want to read it please check it out! Love you girls!

Thank you!!
Ashley <3

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Just blogging…

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t read the post written by Rain’s sister (the post before mine) please go read it, because this post will sort of talk about some of it.

Any whoo..

I have fallen behind on all my planned blogging days because of what happened. I didn’t know if I should keep blogging or not. I didn’t know Rain personally , but because of the blog it really hurt me. Rain was so kind to me showing me how to do everything on the blog. Like I said before I didn’t know if I should keep blogging. After thinking about it for a really long time (It took me hours to fall asleep because I just didn’t know what to do) I realized Rain would want us to keep blogging. This was her dream. I think her dream should be able to live on.

I considered getting my own blog, because I didn’t feel right about writing on a blog that I didn’t create, then I realized all of the love and support is here. We have such great viewers who never have anything bad to say. Even with this terrible terrible event we still have love and support to try to help us feel better about starting to blog regulary again.

      These past few days, I have missed blogging so much. I love it on  here. I spend so much time getting ready for the posts and coming up with ideas, writing the posts, finding pictures, and perfecting them so that you guys can enjoy what you read, because you guys take time out of your day to read out posts, that I just didn’t know what to do with my day.

I have 3 posts that I need to put together and post (2 were supposed to be posted already and one was going to be posted today) I am going to try to get them all up today so that I can catch up to where I wanted to be.

I know this is kind of fast for losing such a wonderful person, but I think its what she would’ve wanted.

Thank you so much for reading

I love you girls so much!




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Beautiful Soul

Hello everyone,

I have some unfortunate news and it’s really hard to say, but rain has passed away. This is her sister and so it pains me to say this but it was a horrible car crash that took her away from us. She was with some friends when they got hit by a drunk driver, after being placed in intense car she was taken in her sleep. I was searching through some papers of my rain’s when i found her papers for her blog. She had never told me about it but it now makes me smile because she aspired to be a fashion magazine editor and it saddens me that she won’t be able to reach that dream. I thought it only right to come and let you all know, for i’m sure it is what she would want. And i want to thank you all for making my sister happy with your comments and reading her blog- i know it would meant a lot to her. I don’t know who to leave the blog in the hands of but i am sure you other writers could figure it out. Me and my sister shared a passion for fashion together and i have considered taking her spot her so that her joy could live on- and in a way it makes me feel closer to her and i quite enjoyed reading her old posts no matter how sad it makes me. But i realized it is in no way fair to take a spot on this blog when no one knows me and the others have worked for their spot. It’s a beautiful blog and those of you who are continuing to write are carrying my sisters dream so thank you very much.

My rain rest in peace.

Thank you for reading her blog

– Savannah


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