Favorite Pinterest Finds of the Week!!

Lately I’ve been OBSESSED with pinterest, and I love finding cool new recipies or nail ideas ect.! So I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite finds this week with all of you!

I’ve been loving to bake lately and I’m super excited to try these. They are chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter cups!!!! They look absolutely AMAZIINNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s the link to the recipie: http://www.howsweeteats.com/2012/03/chocolate-chip-cookie-dough-peanut-butter-cups/

I’ve also been into DIYs lately, and this DIY caught my eye. Its a glass gem covered bottle with a light bulb inside! I think it’d be sooo pretty as a cool effect on your walls as seen in the picture!

Pinned Image

Here’s the link to the website: http://indulgy.com/do/from/68521893444/post/EFti99JnC1

Finally, as I was going through my feed, I came across this awesome DIY beach wave spray!! I’ve been doing beach waves like the whole summer, and I can’t wait to try this recipie for them!

Pinned Image

Here’s the link to the website: http://www.ashressaday.com/

More of these will be coming soon!!




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Long Time No Blog….

Hey Girls!
Long time no talk.. I really wanted to apologize for that.. I have been really busy the past month and my life is going to get even busier..

Throughout the month of July and the beginning of August I was traveling a lot. At the beginning of July I went to Wisconsin to Visit my Aunt, Uncle, and 4 cousins. I stayed there for 3 or 4 days and then came home and came down with some sort of flu.
Also at the beginning of July I finished summer school! Now I will be able to take Geometry Freshman Year :).
On July 23rd, I went to Southern Illinois to visit my Grandparents. I stayed there for a week and then the 3 of us drove up to our family cabin in Minnesota. Later that week my Mom, Brother, and our best friends met us up there along with some other family. We stayed there until August 8th.
While I was gone I really didn’t have time to post. I wanted to spend time with my family especially since I see most of them only one or twice a year.

Another thing that kept me from posting was the fact that we are packing because our house sold and we have just been so busy with that. We move August 13th! I have mixed feelings about it. Part of me is excited and the other part of me is like freaking out. This house is the only thing I have known for 14 and a half years.
Well that was quite a ramble..

Hopefully I will get back on my posting  a schedule once school starts.
As for my other blog. I want to get back to my schedule on this one before I try to handle 2(:


– Interview with xxcolormeprettyxx
– Essentials for your school purse
– Whats in my school bag
– Back to School Outfits

Twitter- @14foreverbeauty
Instagram- 14foreverbeautiful
Email Me!  14foreverbeautiful@gmail.com


Questions of the Post!
– Have you ever moved?
– Any Requests on Posts?

– I was thinking about doing an advice post so if you need advice you can email me(:
– I want to do a questions post too so if you have questions, They would be very much appreciated!

Love you girls<3


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Sunless Tanning!:)

Hey!! I haven’t done a post in what feels like FOREVER!! So todays post will be on what my favorite sunless tanning products are:)

Tanning is extremely bad for your skin and even though the tan looks pretty while you have it, your actually causing premature wrinkles and you are also at a higher risk for skin cancer:( If you do choose to tan, which everyone does lol, at least use spf 30 but spf 50 is much better:) Tanning beds are a HUGE no-no!!!

So here are two products that I LOVE to use to get a gorgeous, natural looking tan!

Jergens Natural Glow Lotion

This is a gradual tanning product. The tan progressively builds as you continue to put this on your skin till you have a very natural looking, healthy glow. You can use this product everyday because it is a lotion. I used up a whole tube of this, and I could clearly tell that my skin did look tanner:) Downfalls to this product: it does smell really wierd, not really overpowering, but like an awkward smell…… lol:)

St. Tropez Tanning Mousse

This would definatly be my favorite out of the two, while it is a bit pricey it is SOOO worth it! When you pump this out of the bottle, it foams and looks like a gross brownish green and its kinda really scary. After you put it on and follow the directions and what not, you will get the most gorgeous tan!  Downfalls to this product: none what so ever! I love it!!

***Side note: This is a gradual tanning product as well, but with each use, you get noticably darker where as the jergens it will take a couple uses:)



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How To Get That Perfect Signature Piece

kristineklove -

We all know that person who always wear that gorgeous leather bracelet every day and everyone knows her for it. Or that guy with the best smelling cologne and the entire female population would hurt him if he changed it. We know the people who copy those looks in hopes of being called the person who started that trend. Don’t be that person. I have been trying for years to find that perfect signature piece and I am still on the hunt. It used to be three feathers- red, orange, and blue- but they have fallen out of my hair and fashion. I have devised a plan to find it my next one though and am determined to find it on my next shopping trip.

Step 1: Know you’re stores

Don’t go into stores that you don’t like or don’t want to be seen dead in. For me, I will never go into Aeropostale. No offense if you shop there, but it’s not my fave store. Go into a store that you like. That will help you find the right piece.

Step 2: Have an Idea of what you want

Don’t just show up at the mall expecting your piece to jump out at you. You have to know if it will be jewelry or a clothing item or whatever you choose before you go out and try to find it.

Step 3: Have a Budget

It sucks when you find an awesome shirt but you can’t afford it so you have to put it back. Make sure you know you’re budget and stay away from too high of price tags.

Step 4: Bring an honest friend

Make sure that your friend will tell you if you found the perfect piece or not. Sometimes, my fashion choices are a bit off so my sister will always tell me if I’m completely off-key or not. An honest friend will tell you if the piece is perfect for you!

I hope these ideas will help you in your signature piece search!

I was hoping to make a Q&A post somewhere in the future so if you have any fashion/beauty/hair/etc. questions you want answered, just comment with your question or email me at JSutor1@gmail.com

Lots of Love,



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My New Blog(:

Hey Girls!
This is a really quick post!! I was inspired to start my own blog so along with this one I will have a personal one(: If you want to read it please check it out! Love you girls!


Thank you!!
Ashley <3

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Beauty Fact or Fake

Aplicativo: Descubra qual maquiagem combina com você

Hey everyone, today I decided to do a post about beauty myths. Everyone has heard things like foundation giving you wrinkles and certain products causing you to break out so I wanted to get the facts straight once and for all.

1: Toothpaste is a safe way to get rid of pimples.

FAKE: Toothpaste will help in drying out a zit, but it can actually burn your skin. The fluoride in toothpaste causes the burn.

Solution: mixing corn starch and water and dabbing it on overnight ( New York City dermatologist Dr. Francesca J. Fusco)

2: French fries and chocolate make you break out.

FAKE: This would only happen if you smeared the french fries and chocolate all over your face and clog your pores. There is no scientific evidence showing that links chocolate or oily foods to acne issues.

Solution: You blame the food, but really it’s PMS and periods. So, you can eat it all without pimples.

3: 8 hours of sleep can help me lose weight

FACT: We don’t eat while we sleep and without enough sleep we won’t be able to be energized throughout the day

4: Drinking lots of water will help keep your skin healthy

FACT: It will keep you hydrated and healthy!

5: Certain Cleansers can make your pores smaller

FAKE: Pore size is genetic but the products out there will help to minimize them for a time. Then they will go back to normal size.

Solution: There isn’t one, but you can use the products if you want your pores smaller for a time.

6: Cutting your hair will make it grow faster

FAKE: Your hair grows at its own pace and trimming your hair won’t change that.

Solution: Don’t give up those routine haircuts though! They keep your hair healthy and spilt-end free!

7: Beauty products have an expiration date

FACT: Just like food, make-up has an expiration date.

Solution: You will have to buy new but here are some common dates: Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner: 3 months, Liquid Face Make up and Cream Eye Shadow: 6 months, Powder Face Make up, Powder Eye Shadows, Pencil Eyeliners, Lipstick, Lipgloss: 2 years

Comments? Thoughts? I hope you all learned something from this! I know I did!

Lots of love,



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Collective Ulta Haul!

Hey girls!
So this post is going to be a collective Ulta haul. I have been meaning to do this post forever , but it never got done so I’m doing it now! So let’s get started!

Organix Morocan Argan Oil

I got the mini bottle of this, just because I didn’t know how much I would love it. This stuff is amazing! It makes your hair so soft and oh my gosh words can’t describe how amazing it is!

Benefit Realness of concealness Mini Fake it Kit

I explained this in my June favorites! I love this so much! If you want to know what comes in it and what each thing does go check out my June favorites!

These next few items I’m just going to out the names and pictures of them since they are nail polish(:

Sally Hansen Xtreme wear

Lacey Lilac


Ulta Polishes

Cream of the Crop


Base coat

Top coat

Benefit Sweet N Wow Bundle

I love sugarbomb so much! It’s such a pretty color. Posie tint… I have mixed feelings about It turns out nicely, except for the place where you first put it. You cant blend that part out and that is why I dont like it.

Stila Lip Glaze Trio – Fiesta

These colors are so pretty and the stickyness is to a minimum(:
Overall a good purchase!

I really hope you enjoyed this haul!


Questions of the post:

-Have you gone shopping recently?
– What was your most recent purchase?
-Have you tired any of these products?


Upcoming Posts:

-Summer Must Haves for your closet
– Target Haul
-Mall Haul
-UPDATED nail polish favorites
-How to Style: Rompers


Wanna Be friends?

Twitter: @14foreverbeauty
Instagram- 14foreverbeautiful


I hope you enjoyed! and I’ll talk to you soon!!

Love you!









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