Want to write for FE?



Hey everyone,

Ever wanted to write for FE? Well im always looking for more writers, i have listed into categories things you could do! If you see one you like send me an email or comment and i will let you know if your in or not.

There are parts where you can write a lot and some where you may post less than others, take a look.

– Love makeup? Be a beauty writer ( looking for a few of these!)

– Love fashion? Be a fashion writer

– Love to do hair? Be our specialized hair guide and give new ideas for hair do’s, etc.

– Love watching youtube videos? Every week you can give a post on the best youtube beauty videos of the week!

– Love to shop? Make a post for us of the things you buy everyone once in a while! A haul writer ;)

– Want to be involved but not a lot? You can email me tips for the tip of the day section.

– Are you a makeup junkie? Give us a post each month or week of your fave. beauty products

– Love fashion and celebrities? You can make posts on how to dress lie celebs.

– Love to do nails? You can give us posts on unique nail dsigns

– Love to try new things? Write up reviews of items readers want you to try, etc.

– Are you a Health nut? Write posts on how to stay in shape and eat healthy.

– Boy crazy? Give our readers some info on anything to do with boys

– Love to give advice? Be our advice blogger

– Always acing school? Give our readers some tips on school

– Always up to date on the gossip? Make posts on celeb and world gossip

– Love entertainment? Give our readers the best music, movies, book reviews, etc.

– Love to write? Be our writer and write interesting stories or poems others to read here

– Love getting crafty? Be our DIY-est, write up posts on DIY’s or other crafts

– Love to cook or eat? Create your own or find recipes for our girlies

– Got tons of friends? Write up posts on anything to do with friends

– Love to motivate people? Now is your chance, share confidence tricks, etc.

– Great with money? Give our girlies some tips!

– Never board? give our girlies some great ideas on things to do

– Love all these things? Be a blogger like me and post about anything!

So, as you see there are many options!

One thing i ask for all bloggers is that you do not copy anything. If you find ideas from magazines, go ahead and twist it your own way, but do NOT copy every word.




38 responses to “Want to write for FE?

  1. Alee

    I’d love to write for this blog! That’d be amazing :D

  2. olivia

    I’d absolutely love to be a writer. I love makeup and fashion and clothes(:

  3. alpha4evaandeva

    I would LOVE to be a writer!

  4. Ashley

    Heeey I would absolutely love to be a blogger in the beauty section(: I love makeup and this would be a dream come true(: Thanks<3

  5. christina

    I would love to write for this blog(:

  6. I so want to be a writer. A fashion writer that is.

  7. Halle

    Hi Rain! This is hallepanda3 from seventeen answerology :) I checked out your blog and I would love to write for it! I was hoping maybe I could be a joint beauty and DIY blogger because of my passion to be a cosmetic chemist. I could give different beauty tips and tricks as well as recipies for DIY spa products. Tell me what you think in a message to answerology please :)

  8. Lizzie

    Can I be a writer?

  9. Hi if you still need someone to write on either the Advice Blogging stuff or the world gossip stuff or the confidence tips!! :) I’d be glad to help with any of those!

  10. I would love to write for this blog, is their still an open vacancy? I can send a article I recently wrote if you like. Just let me know.

  11. Thanks for replying to my email. So polite. -.-

  12. CSLyons22@aol.com and btw, I didn’t realise how bitchy that last comment was so sorry about that. Didn’t mean it harshly.

  13. I don’t think you are getting my emails so here is my tumblr. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/thebeautifulworldstillgoesaround

  14. I would love to be the advice writer awn this blawg! (:
    Chin up beautiful,
    Alicia Rivera

  15. I’d love to write for you guys! I can write for any category above, so feel free to put me in anything! What do I need to do to apply to be a writer?


    • livelaughfashion

      Hey mandi, thanks for showing interest! Unfortunately, rain usually takes care of new people and she hasn’t been blogging in awhile. I will let her know that you’re interested as soon as she’s back!
      Lots of love,

  16. Jessie :)

    It’ll be cool if you let me be a fashion writer or blog about nails. Thnx for considering. <3 xoxo

    • livelaughfashion

      Hey Jessie thanks for showing interest! Unfortunately, rain usually takes care of new people and she hasn’t been blogging recently. We will let her know that youre interested as soon as she’s back!
      Lots of love,

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